What is PErIODyC?

We're a small game development company located in Houston, TX that is currently working on Project Titanium for Wii U/PC/Mac/Linux. Our motto is "Because We Can," because, well, we make games - because we can. And really, what better reason is there...? All of our team members are passionate about game design and development, and we strive to put quality, humor, and delicious extra things into all of our games. Because we can.

Meet the production peeps

Gabriel Saldana

Gabe is our Creative Director for Project Titanium, as well as the co-founder and co-owner of PErIODyC Studios. Everything is his fault always by default.


Moomat is a contractor and our Level Designer for Project T. He spends his time Skyping with Gabe, making MS Paint layouts of levels, and arguing with Jennifer about the degree to which coffee shops are pretentious.

Renee Johnson

Renee is our Producer summon. When in battle she uses Nebulous of Notes or Spreadsheet Supernova to whip the slackers into shape (both are super-effective).

Meet the code peeps

Thomas Key

Thomas is the Lead Programmer for Project Titanium, as well as the co-founder and President of PErIODyC Studios. Dat beard, amiright?.

Michael Jahn

One of the code slaves contracted to work under Thomas. Michael seems to like puns, making shaders, and making Moomat groan because of his puns.

Kenny Morales


Meet the art slaves

Jennifer Cook

Jennifer is a contractor and our Art Director/Lead Character Designer for Project Titanium. Likes: Cats, dogs, chai tea lattes, buying lots of art supplies. Dislikes: Her chair.

Justen Hootman

Justen is a contractor and the Lead Environment Designer for Project Titanium. Likes: Boobs and ponies (but not at the same time).

Drew Hunt

Drew is a contractor and our Lead Character Modeler for Project Titanium. He has an extensive (and awesome) portfolio available here, which you should have already looked at before finishing this sentence.

Max Antinone

Max is a contractor and our Lead Animator for Project Titanium. He spends his time trying to interpret Jennifer's directions and concept art.


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