T Is For Guilty

What is it?

PErIODyC Studios' first (and current) game project. Internally it's known as Project Titanium/Project T, and at one point had the tentative (joke) title of T for Vendetta.

T Is For Guilty is a character-driven Beat-em-up/Platformer with equal parts puzzle, fighting and exploratory elements that takes place in the fictional city of Font Worth. The world of the game is made of typography; that means that all of the characters, plants, animals, buildings, vehicles, and other minutia are made of letters, numbers, and pretty much anything that can be written or typed, in almost any language you can think of. This game is very much about aesthetics and style, but we also want gameplay and themes to take center stage.

What's it about?

In a nutshell, the game is about taking matters into your own hands. We're about to get into nitty-gritty details (by the standards of internet attention spans), so feel free to skip to the concept art if you don't want to read about 2-3 paragraphs worth of info with pretty pictures to break it up.

Now where were we? Ah yes, taking matters into your own hands. Which brings us to our story's protagonist, known simply as "T":

If ever there were a guy that needed to take care of unfinished business, T would be that guy.

Like most of us T has that one person in his life that tests his patience, limits and moral compass on a near daily basis. In T's case, that's his "friend" and business partner, Fyf:

Fyf doesn't realize it, but he's been holding T back and smothering the poor guy's soul for years. Fyf and T run Fyf Secruity Company, and Fyf has been making a few seedy business deals behind T's back. T actually knew about the seedy deals, and thought Fyf would come to realize what a bad idea it was to make those deals, but that moment of repentence never came. Eventually T's pent up passive-aggression reaches the boiling point, and he has to call out Fyf and stand up for himself.

Standing up for himself is all well and good, but T, well, kinda sorta snaps:

Then goes on a rampage through the city:

He manages to keep a goal in mind through his rage, however: bringing down Fyf's business while collecting evidence about some of the criminal dealings that he made. T will bring about his own ruin in the process, but as long as Fyf goes down too, he's perfectly OK with that.

Concept Art!

Here's some of the images, old and new, that we've come up with while developing the game, along with some in-game models for your viewing pleasure.

As you may have noticed, our character designs for this project are anything but typical. As mentioned at the top of the page, the game is made of typography, including letters, numbers, alphabets, musical notation, and so on. Pretty much anything found in Unicode is a viable design element. We extend this aesthetic to the characters environments, creatures and enemies in the game, all in order to create a unique world that will engross the player and make them groan with begrudging amusement at corny word jokes.

Project T will be available for Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux some time in early 2016 if all goes well. Our Kickstarter will be available in January of 2015, most likely during the week of PAX South (January 23rd through the 25th), along with a playable demo (pre-alpha) that will be presented at PAX South. Stay tuned to PErIODyC.com and our social sites for project updates!